Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2011


Dai Yoshihara (Formula D Driver) and I

Los Angeles, KINOD and MazFest Part 2

Day 4 started very early in the morning. Niel, Aaron and I got to Auto Club Speedway at about 8AM to set up the Garage Star booth. Garage Star was at Mazfest to showcase some of their cool products they make for the Miata. The crowd was drawn to the booth because of the Techno Toy Tuning 20v ITB adapter kit for the Miata. Lots of great Mazdas at the event. It was very hot but well worth the trip down from Northern California. Speed Ventures was also holding a event at the track so in the background you heard beautiful music from all the race cars. We have video and will post it up in the next day or so. Enjoy the pictures.


Los Angeles, KINOD and MazFest

Day 1 Started off with leaving Sacramento around 3:30. We stopped off about 150 South and let the cars rest and get hydrated. 

We stopped in Bakersfield to grab abite to eat and fill up before hitting the Grapevine and LA Traffic


Day 2 we stopped by K1 Motor Works to pick up a seat rail for my AE86. The guys were cool enough to show us around the shop and chat with us for a few hours. 


Day 3 we had a birthday dinner for Mr. Linga at Max's. 


After dinner we all headed over to KINOD to check out some dope Roadsters.







86 Day 2011






















Lollicup Meet Roseville, CA 7-24-2011


BB Cycles Shoot

This is just a sample post of the things to come.

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